Monday, 11 August 2014

REVIEW: Long Hair Dreams with VP Fashion Extensions

Check out my awesome new super long 22" clip in extensions from the lovely people at!

My previous experiences with hair extensions:

Now I'm no stranger to hair extensions, I've worn clip ins and have the tracks glued in many years ago, these days it's quite hard to know the quality of hair you're actually buying, especially from shops and online! I've been stung in the past by brands saying they are '100% human hair' then I go to dye them and it's clearly got synthetic fibres and it just looks patchy and awful! I've also noticed that the pack weights are getting pretty stingy, with wefts being singles so you have to buy a couple of packs if you've got thick hair or want the extensions to look half decent!


VP Fashion approached me with an offer my Disney hair loving self couldn't pass up, they sent me the details to their White Blonde Human Hair extensions and asked if I'd like to try them for myself. I had a good look through their site and saw great reviews online, as well as other bloggers that I've following for ages wearing (and loving) the extensions, so I thought why not! 

Here's the stats on the set I received:

White Blonde (613) Indian Remy Human Hair - 22" - 220g
Heat friendly and completely dye-able

One 8'' wide wefts(4 clips) 
One 7'' wide wefts(4 clips)
Two 6'' wide wefts(3 clips)
Four 2'' wide wefts(1 clip)

On first impressions the hair was really thick and silky, the clips are pre-attached and the pack had a few extra as well. Each piece looks at least double wefted, maybe triple, I got the higher weight pack as I have pretty thick hair and I've always had to buy extra hair to bulk previous extensions up! Not with these though, there is definitely more than enough hair to create a gorgeous full look!

I've filmed a tutorial on how I dyed and styled this hair so I won't go too far in to the process here, (I'll post a link to the video once it's online) The dying process was really easy, the hair took the colour really well and I only had to do one pass, which is pretty great because I mix my colour down with conditioner which can make it a little tricky to apply evenly, particularly with that much hair! The extensions have maintained its quality and texture after dying, washing drying and styling and there was minimal shedding during the process as well! 

The clips are nice and secure and once all the hair is in you don't feel like you can't move your head in fear of them coming loose! Again the hair feels awesome to the touch and brushes out to blend with my actual hair so easily. I like to wear my extensions curly and I find it's easier to blend the hair with my own that way too, it's incredibly soft, brushes lovely and holds styling really well.

Overall I'm incredibly happy with these extensions, I've worn other hair pieces in the past and have always been disappointed, but this hair is gorgeous! When I'm wearing them I feel like a Disney character! I'll keep you posted on how they do over time, the site says the product life exceeds over 1 year so lets hope so as I've got loads of styling ideas for this hair!

Thank you for reading, let me know if you've got any questions about dying and wearing extension!

Diablo x

VPFashion also gave me a lovely discount code: diablorose01 so that you can get $10 off your purchase on their website!

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