Thursday, 24 July 2014

REVIEW: Lady K Loves 'Hug Me Baby' Jeans

When I first heard about these new 'Hug Me Baby' jeans from Lady K Loves I was very excited; they are specifically designed and sized for curvier ladies who have a smaller waist and larger hip ratio than usual sizing, a ratio which makes truly well fitting high waist jeans pretty hard to come across! 

My measurements are waist 27" Hip 41" so I opted for the jeans in a Medium (you can see the full breakdown of sizes on their website) On opening up my delivery I was really impressed with the craftsmanship, the denim is super soft and has a little stretch to it, they are also the perfect dark denim so will go with anything. 

So first impressions are good, now for the ultimate test, the fit! Now I know this may sound overly dramatic but when I put on the jeans and zipped them up it was like the ultimate 'Hallelulah!' moment! These jeans are PERFECT, perfect fit all over, super comfy, hugs-in-all-the-right-places perfection. I've genuinely never owned such a well fitting pair of trousers/jeans and I couldn't recommend them enough to any of my rockabilly style loving gals who are slim waisted with a little more junk in the trunk!

The legs are nice and long so you can opt for a rock'n'roll turn up, they have this gorgeous sweetheart joke on the tush which is really flattering and I think accentuates the fitted waist even further, I've seen lots of other ladies sporting these jeans online and they make everyone's bums look great!

So as you can probably already guess from my gushing review I am in love with these jeans and if you've ever had that depressing changing room experience of not being able to get jeans up over your ass so they'll fit your waist measurement (and becoming a little bit trapped in them in the process), then I think you'll love them just as much as I do!

Diablo x

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