Monday, 17 November 2014

REVIEW - Lucky Lou Shoes Rockin' Tiki Heels

This week I'm reviewing these beautiful heels from Lucky Lou Shoes, they are the Rockin' Tiki with leopard ankle strap and I am in LOVE, not only with the style but with the craftsmanship, quality and comfort! 

First up heres a bit of info on who Lucky Lou Shoes are and what makes them so special…

Lucky Lou Shoes was started in 2004 by Linda Lou von Hochtritt as a direct result of her love of all things vintage and beautiful.  Having purchased several pair of shoes in San Francisco with little palm trees and huts carved into the wood heels, Linda Lou researched these designs and discovered they were called 'Bahaykubo' ('little village') and had been carved during World War 2 by craftsmen in the Philippines for Allied soldiers to bring back to their wives and sweethearts as souvenirs.  Although the shoes Linda Lou bought were beautiful and intricately-carved, they were not very comfortable.

Upon moving to Austin in 2002, Linda Lou spent a year finding the descendants of the original carvers from the 1940's and asked them carve shoes for her new company, Lucky Lou Shoes.  Her original designs included a faithful homage to the original 'Bahaykubo', as well as designs including cherries, Lucky Charms (dice, horseshoes and clovers), anchors, a flaming heart and the classic Rockin' Tiki.  These carved wood shoes were now comfortable, with padded vamps and rubber soles. 

So on to the review! The shoes came in their box, wrapped up in their own red shoe bag with padding to the front strap so they were really well protected and means I can keep them nice and safe when they aren't being worn. It's great when companies put that extra thought into the packaging and made them feel all the more special!

The shoes themselves are lighter than I thought they'd be (which makes them really easy to wear) and are incredibly well made. Looking at the soles, joins and the AMAZING tiki heel they just scream craftsmanship and quality, I spent a while just looking at them to be honest rather than the usual tearing through the packaging and whacking them straight on. I've never owned shoes like these and I almost feel like making a special shelf just to display them proudly!

So onto the main attraction; the heels! These are awesome, they are such an eye catching design, look really impressive and well basically are just cool. The heel is 4"which sounds like a lot (to me anyway) but are totally walk-in-able. I'm rubbish in heels and these gave me no trouble, even with not much movement in the sole, it's perfectly curved to make walking nice and easy. The sole is also padded for extra comfort and the rubber base gives that extra grip, which I love in a pair of heels! 

I went for the ankle strap version of the Rockin' Tiki because as I said I'm rubbish in heels and thought I'd take the extra help with the strap! I've glad I did as the shoes totally hug my feet, keep them in place and feel secure when I'm walking in them. The straps are nice a soft across both the ankle and toes. I was going back and forth with the plain black leather and the leopard so I asked my sister/boss at Le Keux which one she'd go for, she basically said, DUH, go for the ultimate it tiki: leopard print, and I'm so glad I did. This combo makes perfect sense and they are totally a go to statement shoe! 

So as you can tell I pretty darn pleased with these shoes, not only in terms of them being gorgeous but I'm thrilled to feel confident in wearing them out and about in comfort. Well done Lucky Lou, for making beautiful shoes with a nod to the past with all the modern comforts, you're awesome! 

Diablo x

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